A cost effective visual impact for residential projects One of the exciting part of our work is the chance to work with various creatives – architects, designers, landscapers to lend a vibe using our range of artificial foliage to go with the particular space they have so painstakingly designed. Effective and imaginative use of our

Hold us guilty for a little exaggeration if you will, but artificial grass, is a modern day wonder created by our industrious human brains. Artificial turf (also known as artificial grass, synthetic grass and faux grass ) has become increasingly popular in recent times and has found happy takers in all markets. And with good

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What to gift, what not to, that indeed is the question. We’ve all been on both ends of the gifting conundrum- the giving and the receiving and while both do have their joys that certainly out-weigh the pitfalls, gifting something that would be appreciated and be useful is no less a riddle. The feedback we’ve

A whole lot of research has been directed towards identifying cause and effect relationships of drivers of productivity in workplaces. Some of the subtler drivers include presence of particular colours, smells and the presence/ absence of green cover. While there’s nothing like having  an extensive natural green cover including plants and trees all around your

A quick guide to care for your artificial plants and flowers for your home or workspace Artificial plants, flowers and topiaries find popular demand for applications where maintaining and caring for real plants becomes a difficulty. Artificial plants when required for enhancing the aesthetics of the place have the distinct advantage of minimal care and

A hassle free, long lasting aesthetic makeover for your unused walls and vacant spaces. Green walls, vertical gardens, green foliage facades are one of the modern popular décor solutions. Few décor concepts rival the overall aesthetic appeal of well designed green foliage wall. Green walls take up only lateral space on unused vertical surfaces but

Of the many questions we get from customers, compliance of artificial plants and flowers within Feng Shui principles is an important and popular one. Feng Shui is centred around the philosophy of balancing the five elements namely – WOOD, FIRE, EARTH, METAL & WATER. The WOOD element symbolizes new beginnings- growth, vitality, firm rootedness. As

There would be very few people who would disapprove of the sensation of grass touching one’s bare feet. Indeed, there would be fewer still who would find a meadow of uniform green all around them an eyesore. After all, every single photo or painting trying to depict the ‘dream house’ has a ubiquitous manicured field

Artificial landscaping- Charmi collections Interior design and automation- Unique systems. Place- Pune Time frame- One week Every once in a while a project comes along that expects churning of our creative juices and deliver something special. One such project we take immense pride in having completed involved artificial landscaping at our client’s balcony to go